HMU Meaning What does HMU mean

It’s reasonable that you’ve heard the HMU Acronym or hashtag utilized as a part of an online networking application, for example, Instagram or Vine, or on a site like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit, and so forth. We are here to give you the #HMU importance and issue you a few cases of its uses and its clients.
HMU, or “hit me up”, is an acronym utilized all the time on online networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, in applications like Instagram, and in private messages, messages, and messages. A man will utilize the acronym “HMU” when they are advising somebody to contact them. They ordinarily advise that individual to hit them up when they are going to leave a discussion or are making arrangements. For instance, on the off chance that somebody messages their companion and lets them know that they’ll be home from excursion soon, their companion might message them saying “cool! HMU when you are back!”. This implies that the companion needs that individual to contact them when they are home so they can make arrangements or hang out. The expression “hit me up” is said regularly, in actuality, not at all like numerous other slang expressions, for example, “roar with laughter” (LOL) or “shaking my head” (SMH). On the off chance that two individuals are hanging out and one is going to leave, the other individual may instruct them to hit them up, or contact them.

Illustration 1.) Individual 1: “I’ll be back around in a couple of days.” Individual 2: “Sounds great, HMU!”.

Illustration 2.) “Hey man, hit me up when you are prepared to go to Amy’s gathering!”.

Does your toddler

At the point when my 3 year old (then 1 year old) began experiencing difficulty crapping we had a go at everything; from exhortation from our guardians, the web, and the specialist. It appeared like our poor young lady was enduring! She would go 10 days without having a solid discharge, and when the time had come to go she would twofold over and cry and shout!

Our guardians recommended prune juice and the great old casteroil. “That will do the trap, two or three teaspoons a day and a glass of prune juice”. As terrible tasting as it seemed to be, we got her to take it, yet that didn’t work! I felt we were confronting a due date to attempt and locate her some alleviation. Something needed to work before the following 10 days would pass by.

We surfed the web again and again and was discovering nothing! All we read was that it is regular for babies to have clogging. Anyway, this was past stoppage, she was in distress.

We made a specialist appt. let him know everything and he recommended purchasing a few kid purifications and have her drink a mixed drink of magnesium citrate oral arrangement. He instructed us to utilize infant oil or petroleum jam so it wouldn’t hurt as much, and to issue her one when we returned home and to issue her another the next day on the grounds that the 1st douche will just release the front piece of the stool and the accompanying purification would get whatever remains of it out. We chose to do it in the bathtub as a result of the wreckage and had her lay on her side in a couple inches of warm water. What a bad dream!! She has no idea what is going on, she is in torment, it blazes on the grounds that it is a stimulant what’s more her crying and shouting, we were both crying. Something at last moved, however it wasn’t about as much as we both anticipated. In any case, we kept a receptive outlook and suspected that the following day would do the trap simply like the specialist said. The following day when we place her in the tub she promptly recognized what was going to happen once more, she cried and shouted, and we cried and about vomited from the scent. This was only an awful difficulty to put our infant young lady through this!! We made another appt. since we had a feeling that we couldn’t do this anymore…. there must be another arrangement.
Miralax Dosage
The specialist instructed us to continue utilizing the bowel purges due to the amount she is hindered up and instructed us to now interchange the magnesium citrate oral arrangement with docusate sodiu fluid (colace).

We cleared out his office so annoyed in light of the fact that we both realized that this wasn’t going to tackle the issue. We began issuing her the fluids every his presciptive dose for her and the colace was simply aweful tasting. It took us an entire day to get her to drink what she was prescriebed. We felt so defenseless.

She began to not have any desire to wash up any longer on the grounds that she related the shower with the purifications. Right now it had been a month and these things were not living up to expectations and I would not like to issue her these oral arrangements any longer!! Particularly since they were NOT Meeting expectations!!

We backpedaled to the specialist and let him know how we felt. He then recommended MiraLAX. He said it is sufficiently safe to take regular in light of the fact that it isn’t absorded into the circulation system. Right now I was irate!! I felt like our tyke was only a speculating amusement and that something could be truly off-base! Some sort of blockage or something more terrible! I needed to stay positive and supplicate her through this however I was not going to give her a chance to endure any longer! I let him know that in 1 week if this didnt work I needed her to have an output or whatever they do to see her inner parts. It was concurred.

We went and purchased MiraLAX and I improved about this powder arrangement in light of the fact that it wasn’t retained into the circulation system, it was orderless and vapid. I put the recommended sum in her glass once a day and inside of 2 days we had a development interestingly with no crying or shouting!!! I began crying on the grounds that she crapped naturally without a bowel purge and I was so glad on the grounds that it was such an alleviation for every one of us!!!

After we have stayed with MiraLAX and have had no issues following!! Today I just issue some in the event that I see her stool is truly hard.

So there it is….MiraLAX worked for us. I just trust that on the off chance that somebody has the issues we had that they go over my article on the grounds that I beyond any doubt wish somebody would have expounded on this for me!

p.s. Manderine oranges (in the can) work truly well as well! They are a characteristic diuretic and my new little infant cherishes them!! Wish I would have think about those back when…………

Try not to TAKE ANY OF THESE Arrangements Specified AND Provide for YOUR Kid OR Baby WITHOUT Counseling YOUR PHYSICIAN!!!!



At Stanley Steemer, Port A, our creator was cleansing carpet the entire year. Bates, spent MONEYTWO,300 right into a home based carpet-cleaning organization. Nowadays, nevertheless household- brought and possessed the Dublin, from the third-generation, Kansas-dependent organization is associated with anything clear for company and your house.

The gear is manufactured by us. The folks are trained by us. And we provide serviceguaranteed that is exemplary. Its Stanley Steemer that are wonder may be the sides greatest carpet-cleaning organization.

The expert heavy cleaning providers increase beyond carpeting cleaning to furnishings cleansing, tile and grout, wood, air ductwork, and 24 hour emergency water repair. Using nationwide protection which includes more than 300 places in 48 says, our orange vehicles that are accustomed provide condition-of-the- cleaning gear, extremely- 24/7 response-time for your doorstep, and educated specialists.
It is always a big pleasure to get high-quality services for a reduced price. Large businesses appreciating their current clients and looking for new ones tend to provide promotions and discounts to encourage more demand. As for cleaning companies, one of the most remarkable ones is Stanley Steemer. Using its promo codes (while you are placing an order) or local stanley steemer coupons printable (after you’ve placed an order), you are given a cutdown in form of either a percent reduction or a dollar rebate. Look for particulars at

Discover what makes Steemer the innovator in floor and carpeting cleaning.

Based years of encounter, we all know that cleansing helps you to safeguard your expense on. You’ll find whilst the business chief, were devoted to providing the very best carpet-cleaning and floor-cleaning support. Actually, we feature a line-up of providers that out perform your competition, brought from experienced professionals to you. The deep-cleaning that is expert offers upkeep and the treatment essential to lengthen the life span of furniture and one’s flooring. Not just are you saved period by us, however, you may unwind, comprehending that you work and live in a solution, more healthy atmosphere.

SBCGlobalnet Mail Onward to the Future Email was made with the objective to be in a position to examine email and your accounts in just about any pc. It was before the introduction of instant and online speak messaging not so sometime ago. It was throughout an interval within the recent times when everyone was prone to skip their e-mail communications that are essential since their pcs weren’t available. SBCGlobal (google) created e-mail opening feasible despite pcs that are community.

Using SBC Worldwide Email, most youd need to do is follow steps that are easy to gain access to your accounts. By inputting inside your login you’ve to record into your accounts. Select in the drop down menu. Signal- in and you will handle your accounts while you usually do athome inside your pc. You study inbound mail can write your outbound email as well as get accessories. Don’t neglect to log-off whenever you’re completed. Regarding protection factors, this really is extremely important. This can make sure that no one appear into your personal info and can possess unauthorized use of your accounts. If you should be utilizing a pc that is community as you in a collection or within an net restaurant, you’ve to consider protection safeguards that are additional. Regarding additional security, you might want to Remove Searching Background and press Web Choices to ensure that additional customers won’t have the ability to access these.
Before being able to use your SBCglobal Login Page, you have to create a free email account. You do it by going to AT&T website, clicking on sign up -> sign up now and filling all suggested fields. Stay tuned to all updates from your friends and family members with a multifunctional email provider. You might also find it useful to read articles from
Quite a distance has been gone by iT technologies. Which is great to understand there are providers like Worldwide Email, that will be performing its better to match the brand new gamers in the market by giving helpful and dependable providers.

Additionally its value observing that using SBCGlobal Mail’s merging ! Providers. Offered nowadays this makes Worldwide at level with additional web providers. You can now create a Yahoo! Webpage , login to Yahoo and perform activities!.

Using the developing recognition of cellular web and free wireless, it might appear that it’s obtaining less common. Today, examining your e-mail utilizing an iPhone Rim or smartphone is handy and extremely typical. Actually, numerous cell phone companies give a number of e-mail providers that are associated through their particular web sites. But comprehending that your e-mail accounts can be accessed by you anyplace you’re even although you don’t possess a smart or notebook phone is comforting.

Information About Various Types of Butt Injections

Ladies seeking to create their bottom larger frequently resort to bottom enhancement methods. There’s no promise of the way the bottom will appear post the surgery whilst these methods are very expensive. When the surgery moves nicely, next youll get if for whatever reason, the didn’t proceed as prepared a sophisticated bottom that youll be really happy with, but, youll be caught having a misshapen behind. Nearly all women don’t head the price and also the chance. the bottom enhancement methods are gone forward using by them anyhow.

That said, you will find various kinds of bottom shots before choosing the one which you would like as you are able to contemplate. Allows have a look in a few.

But, if you’re seeking to plump your behind and therefore are unwilling to consider the dangers concerned you can certainly usually choose for bottom shots. Bottom shots are minimally-invasive additionally you will find various options utilized in every bottom shot. Nevertheless, each one of these bottom injections’ primary purpose would be to create the sofa appear well-formed and more described.

These injections’ main advantageous asset is the fact that their outcomes seem less flat than the usual bottom augmentation. There’s hardly any scars with one of these shots and also the recuperation period is faster when compared with a bottom augmentation. Regarding shots that are fat, ladies need certainly to bear liposuction. This can be a choice that is excellent whilst the fat shot into the bottom and is obtained from an undesirable area of the physique.

Hydrogel Shots

The elements used-to produce shots that are hydrogel are small quantity of water and Polyacrylamide. This can be a process that is dangerous and it is recommended by most of the plastic surgeons don’t. Previously, sufferers have experienced several problems as this answer happens to be not ordered. There’s no clearness about the fact not or its a secure process.
As high-quality behind shots are promoted as an alternative of costly bottom implants, clients pay much less for them. Legal butt injections cost good money because a) fillers themselves hit the roof in terms of prices and b) doctors providing such a service bear risks and want to be paid well for their business.
Nevertheless, its very popular among ladies of bottom as its forms shots. In dark, customers themselves can purchase the hydrogel package actually. Nevertheless, if you’re considering this bottom shot, make sure that you exercising caution that is greatest.

It nevertheless includes a flourishing marketplace though, this process is unlawful in america. Ladies who wish to make use of this process often walk out the nation to obtain it-done. Alternately, ladies search for physicians who’re not unwilling to execute this process regardless of its unlawful standing.

Fat Shot or Lift that is Brazilian

When the physician and also the individual concur concerning the liposuction, the in-patient is next examined to determine if shes match sufficient to consider the bottom shot. The moment the physician gives a chance forward to the individual, the fat is taken off the locations which have been mentioned. As-is this CAn’t be utilized. It requires to become pure. Within the bottom, this fat is next shot after refinement.

Approximately 30 days, the recuperation interval is regarding this kind of bottom shot. Nevertheless, prior to the individual may return to work, the physician may examine the in-patient completely before providing a natural signal-to go back to work to her. This shot that was fat acquired recognition because of liposuction and its fast recuperation period.

Injection is actually one of bottom augmentation’s most widely used ways via a shot. Also called the bottom raise that is Brazilian, liposuction is involved by this process. The physician requires her from wherever she’d prefer to take away the body fat and consults using the individual. From wherever fat is generally eliminated, the typical locations are stomach again and legs.

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)

If you’re considering this kind of bottom shot, next look around to determine just how much does it set you back and exactly what the physicians need certainly to state

Among the recognized and most typical manufacturers of PolymMethyl – MethAcrylate is Artefill. This product hasbeen authorized from the Meals and Drug Administration (Food) in america. You will find very few takers regarding this process as its very expensive though, its lawfully accessible.

An individual might wind up putting in excess thousand, of MONEY100. Whilst this can be a really traditional determine, the cost will probably increase with respect to improvement and the form the in-patient desires on her bottom. The additional quantity utilized, the dearer it’ll get. Ergo, youll discover numerous ladies obtaining this process completed away from people wherever its significantly cheaper.

Unbranded Shots

The clear answer employed for this kind of shot is unbranded whilst the title indicates. In the physicians most cases or duplicate professionals themselves don’t understand its material. Ergo, this is actually bottom injection’s many harmful kind. It may result in effects that are severe and in instances that are toughest, and in cases that are toughest they may not be nonfatal as-well.

By mix and asking -asking a health care provider or perhaps a specialist, you are able to evaluate if he/she understands the things they are speaing frankly about. The easiest way to obtain a physician that is great to give these bottom shots to you would be to discuss with. Don’t be embarrassed to request acquaintances, family or your pals. Have more factual statements about bottom injections from her if somebody has obtained these bottom shots.

Therefore, as it pertains to bottom shots you have to be excessively cautious. Don’t go right ahead and consider the bottom shot senselessly simply because anyone visit an inexpensive ad someplace. Are they inexpensive, what’s it they provide, what’re the before discover and publish shot methods.

As being a bottom augmentation, actually this can be a process. Small a minimally-invasive, although than an augmentation procedure nonetheless. Don’t proceed with-it when you yourself have a bit of the question. There is a set bottom nothing when compared with any main effects that you might encounter due to a dosage eliminated wrong.

Butt Shot

Though, you have to realize that even while the type that is strong is Food-authorized regarding reasons that are aesthetic, the type that is fluid is unlawful in america. The reason being the type that is fluid certainly will trigger swollen tissue in undesirable areas of your body and will probably maneuver around within the body. This can be a main danger for that individual.

Among the most often utilized supplies regarding bottom improvements is silicon. Nevertheless, you’re not most likely not unaware that silicon will come in the type that is fluid as-well. Several surgeons that are plastic make use of this regarding bottom shots.

Illinois Chase Routing Number

When you yourself have actually questioned about figures imprinted in your verify. About redirecting figures, its time for you to learn more. A specific redirecting quantity has been designated by every condition.
Il Pursue Routing Amount is 071000013
National Bankers Association offers allocated redirecting numbers. By stopping intricacy, the primary goal would be to create financial program additional powerful. It creates financial simple for banking institutions in addition to clients. Initially it’s applied regarding examine program that was just and afterwards it’s broadened to ORelectronic repayments that were online. It’s also called Redirecting Transportation Quantity (RTN).
Details And Information Illinois And About ABA Pursue Nav Range
Quantity Composition And Reason For ABA
As routing (transit) number is very important for any bank or credit union, they publish it (usually there are separate numbers for each state) on their website pages. We can suggest you three ways of learning this info. First, see your check and pay attention to the 9-digit code encompassed with |: from both sides. Second, visit your bank’s website and find the table with transit numbers. Third, if you search for a particular routing number for chase bank, login to your account, click on ‘Customer Center’ and follow ‘Set Up Direct Deposit’.
American Association was come upward from by ABA. As ABA it’s utilized in a nutshell type. The check publishing info is confirmed by initial several numbers. It offers details about which that one examine has been imprinted by Government Lender. Next the financial institution particulars are confirmed by subsequent several numbers. In this instance it verifies particulars Pursue Bank. Final digit is number. ABA is most often employed for Automatic Clearing-Houses for financial objective. Using Government Reserve Bank each lender must certanly be authorized regarding that and obtain a merchant account.
Reason For Routing Number
By watching the several foundation facts, Il Pursue Nav Quantity could be verified. Below wherever information on Pursue lender is imprinted first-look in the examine. Next depend the number because it includes by taking a look at an indication: that’s imprinted about the both aspect of redirecting quantity eight numbers after which re-confirm.
The Automated Clearinghouse was come upward from by it. As ACH it named in a nutshell. Wherever ABA routing quantity employed for just household financial account exchanges it’s employed for all-digital dealings locally and worldwide.

Four day off Menu Plan for the Military Diet

Adhering to a diet of 1500 energy or less in your times down, we recommend to discover the best outcomes about the Army Diet. Many people may continue steadily to slim down 500 energy per day, on the diet of just one so long as 1500 energy is not more than that which you burn daily. To determine just how many energy anyone burn daily, make use of the hard manual that is subsequent:
Grow your present fat by twelve EQUALS the energy anyone burn daily.
Select off dinner arrange for the Army Diet from these menus products to get a 4-day. Select one lunchtime one breakfast, one supper and two treats regarding a 1500-calorie daily diet regime.
(Select among the subsequent daily):
Yogurt about the Military Parfait: ONE mug of basic yogurt split using 1/4 mug granola ONE pot blended fruits and ONE tbs of cut walnuts.
Pleasant day: INCH cut strawberry ONE glass dairy and 1 cheerios. INCH lemon can be also eaten by you.
Bagel 1/2 whole wheat bagel lead with ONE ounce smoked fish and ONE tbs cream-cheese. Include slim red and cucumber onion slices.4 day-off Army diet regime
Ovum on make: ONE egg scrambled using tomato pieces and 1/4 grape cut in ONE tsp butter on the piece of wholegrain toast.
Oatmeal : rolled oats prepared using 1/2 glass sliced apple and 2/3 mug dairy. Best using TWO tbsps of nutmeg & sliced walnuts.
Pine Waffles and Fruits: TWO wholegrain waffles lead with 1/4 blueberries and 1/4 mug bananas .
Language Muffin and Florentine Ovum: struggle INCH cup fresh kale and consume along with an entire grain and TWO ova toasted muffin.
Pear – one piece of wholewheat toast lead with ONE tablespoon butter Toast and INCH pear cut.
Blueberry & Baby Smoothy: Mix (in a mixer) INCH cup basic soy-milk, INCH blueberry, ONE tbs baby, TWO tablespoons oats and ONE tbs of flaxseeds.
Tomato- Ricotta Make: one piece of wholewheat toast lead with 1/3 cup cheese, FOUR pieces of fresh and tomato leaves.
Ova about the Military Omelette: 2-egg omelette with cheese.
Proteins Energy: INCH soft-boiled egg TWO slim sausages along with a kiwi berry
Being on a diet doesn’t mean eating nothing or very little. Your ratio should still be full of proteins needed to build cells. Before going to the supermarket to buy products from a basic 3 day military diet food list, make a record of what is allowed. Grab toasts, cheese (cottage, cheddar types), tuna, eggs and some other food. If you are a big fan of coffee, it’s okay to drink a cup per day just avoid cream or sugar.
(Select among the subsequent daily)
Tuna Pita may of ONE tsp of lemon-juice and tuna using 1/4 cup beans. Function in a-4 inches whole wheat pita using TWO leaves lettuce. Consume INCH mug of fruit privately.
Med Dish: 1-piece of pita breads full of 1-ounce cheese, ONE mug of SIX olives tomatoes and INCH glass uncooked spinach drizzled with ONE tsp of lemon-juice and ONE tsp of essential olive oil.
Throw TWO glasses of springtime greens salad about the Army DietTuna Pine Vegetables 3 tbsps of walnuts cut-in half. Best using TWO teaspoons of vinaigrette dressing.
Proteins Greens: Throw TWO servings lettuce, ONE cup cut veggies that were uncooked, INCH hard boiled TWO teaspoons of walnuts and egg. Best of dressing using TWO teaspoons.
Vegetable Meal: ONE mug of lentil soups using INCH piece of done wholewheat breads lead with TWO tablespoons mozzarella ONE tsp pesto and ONE tbs sliced sun dried tomatoes.
Quesadilla: ONE whole wheat tortilla full of 1/3 cup Cheddar , beans that are dark, 1/4 mug every zucchini that are cut . Function with 1/4 grape, cut.
Pear Poultry and Switzerland Meal: TWO pieces of wholegrain breads using ONE teaspoon mustard INCH pear cut, and INCH piece of swiss-cheese.
Black bean Cover: Cover 3/4 mug of beans 1 mug of lettuce, TWO tbsps of salsa inside TWO wheat tortillas that are whole.
Salad Pita: INCH mug of salad vegetables , sliced scallions, INCH stalk of cut oranges and Mix diced chicken vinegar. Things in the wholewheat pita.
(Select among the subsequent daily)
Barbecue Black-Bean Burger INCH black-bean hamburger prepared using ONE tbs Barbecue marinade, offered in an entire grain bun. You are able to consume the slaw within the hamburger or privately. Blend 1.5 glasses of celery, broccoli and cabbage using ONE tbs apple-cider vinegar using TWO tbsps of essential olive oil.
Italian Bread Dinner: Saute INCH cut 1 clove, german chicken , sliced mushrooms and sliced zucchini. Include 1/2 mug pasta gravy to heat and function 3/4 mug of wholewheat noodles lead with ONE tbs grated cheese over.
Pepper Cilantro Fajitas: Prepare INCH pot bell peppers (reddish, inexperienced or lemon), 1/2 little onion and ONE tbs essential olive oil. 1/2 pot that was distribute refried beans on TWO wheat tortillas that were whole. Best with cilantro and sauteed veggies.
Shrimp Grain about the Army DietShrimp Toast Brown Grain: Saute ONE cup prepared ONE tbs grated cinnamon, ONE tablespoon oil 1 clove and rice. Adding THREE oz of pre-cooked shrimp and TWO glasses of bok choy. Saute another couple of minutes.
Goat Cheese Flatbread FOUR oz of THREE glasses of infant kale poultry and 1 clove. Place on the bit of wholegrain flatbread, capped with 1-ounce cheese. Make at 350 levels for five minutesapproximately.
Shrimp Dinner: Prepare TWO oz freezing or clean shrimp using TWO tbsps chopped basil ONE clove of ONE cup cut zucchini and ONE tbs of essential olive oil. Function on a single mug of wholewheat noodles crackers of one’s option.
Sushi about the Army DietSushi: INCH Tuna move ONE cup miso soups along with a small salad.
Crammed Soup and Potato a cooked potato using 1/2 mug of ONE cup prepared broccoli, poultry or veggie soup and 1/4 cup cheddar.
Black-Bean and Quesadilla: ONE tsp of cumin, 1/2 mug dark beans and Saute ONE cup cut zucchini. 1/4 cup cheddar is, sprinkled using by location combination on TWO wholewheat tortillas. Collapse in a skillet in two and prepare before cheddar touches. Best of salsa with TWO teaspoons.
Tortilla Soup: 1.5 glasses of heat veggie chili capped with TWO tbsps of cut scallions, TWO tablespoons shredded cheddar, EIGHT broken chips. Consume having a part greens: ONE tbs French salad and TWO glasses blended vegetables.
Warm Peanut Chicken Wraps mug of poultry that is cut, 1/4 pot scallions, TWO tbsps of nuts, ONE tbs marinade that is warm and INCH mug of broccoli cabbage and carrot mix-in apply that is preparing. Cover all of this in TWO wheat tortillas that are whole.
Cheese Pizza using aspect greens: Best an entire wheat flatbread using 1/2 cup artichoke hearts THREE tablespoons pasta gravy, TWO tablespoons cheese , mozzarella and make for around ten moments. Along side it salad is TWO tablespoons maple almonds THREE glasses blended vegetables and TWO tbsps of German salad .
Chicken With Grain: Spread ONE tsp dry Cajun flavoring on FOUR oz of chicken white meat. Make or bbq. Saute ONE clove of garlic, 1/2 glass sliced onion in TWO teaspoons of essential olive oil. Include TWO tbsps of tomato stick and some sprinkles of Tabasco sauce. Include 3/4 mug of pre-cooked grain that is brown. Function the poultry along with the grain.
(Select TWO of the next daily)
Berry-and- club that is fan
ONE pot snap peas using 1/4 glass hummus
ONE mug of cantaloupe using 1/2 cottage-cheese
ONE cup carrot is using THREE tbsps of hummus
ONE apple and 22 pistachios
Twelve- INCH clementine or and ounce cappuccino fruit
ten tortilla chips using 1/4 cup guacamole
ONE blueberry using ONE tbs of peanut-butter
TWO Crispy rye cookies using TWO tbsps of cream-cheese
ONE cup plain yogurt using ONE glass blended fruits
1/2 oz raisins and TWO tbsps soya crazy? ? an apple and 14 walnuts
1/2 pot sorbet??1-ounce candy-coated walnuts
100- mini-bag snacks that is fat
1-ounce chain cheese and FOUR whole grain cookies
THREE mugs air nothing, popped popcorn additional