A Dogecoin donation is organized for victims of dogewallet

According to a tweet, I found a link for everyone who want help the dogewallet victims. Yesterday this was Christmas but also the dogewallet hack. The hacker has stolen around 21 million doges and now the community want to help each other.


@jwherrman we’ve already raised over a million to reimburse those who lost dogecoins in the hack http://t.co/yYH6PD5CTE

— ฿en Ðoernberg (@BenDoernberg) 26 Décembre 2013



This is a cute operation and an other sign that Dogecoin has a great and strong community. Such wow!


8 thoughts on “A Dogecoin donation is organized for victims of dogewallet

  1. terry sanger says:

    yesterday i lost 1.217940.171 doge, i cant even get to my wallet now, seems to of vanished, and on top of that i am trying to cope with Cancer, i hope the hacker gets his or her KARMA

  2. terry sanger says:

    possibly Russian hackers

  3. i lost my 500 doge coins :( , i like online wallets, why no much secure :(

    • The website of the NASA isn’t too so never use a online wallet again ;)

  4. Hey Doges,

    Sorry to hear about dogewallet, should always use your own wallet. Get your wallet and start again,.Help spread the word about our new mining pool and we’ll through you a few Ð


  5. my entire monetary was stolen :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( from :

    300.000 DOGES

  6. i wont use normal wallet i love online shit :( , why they just cant be more secure, like coinbase bitcoin online wallet they keep 95% funds offline as its whats needed for day to day transfers is usualy just 5% and other methods of security, it is very possible have very secure online wallet, doges plz! fix this!!

  7. i lost my 1,500 doge coins :(

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