Don’t worry about the dogecoin fall

Hey Dogers! Don’t worry about the dogecoin fall. His value crashed last night but this a typical reaction of the market for a new crypto currency.

Market is the first one to seduce,

Everybody know this is difficult for a new currency to introduce itself inside the crypto currency market and more when it is “the new bitcoin” for 2014. The market reaction is all right and totally normal. Now Dogecoin is more and more famous all around the world and every opportunistic want their piece of cake. They try to trade everything for some doges and they lead to lower prices.

I see a great sign for the futur. First, we have to remember that Dogecoin is only two weeks and really young for a crypto currency. Second, if people want any dogecoins that they can get, it sounds like a great futur. Everybody want to take the train before it leaves the station and to my mind this is the last moment to jump in it!



7 thoughts on “Don’t worry about the dogecoin fall

  1. My buddy and I are mining and we have about 40,000 of these each right now. My biggest concern is these coins coins don’t survive. We are really banking on these in the long run, as other coins such as LTC and BTC are so hard to mine. Do you think they will show any signs of recovery before the new year?

  2. You guys really need to cut down the available pool of these things to like 1 billion. It’s like shares of stock. If there are 100 billion out there, they’ll never be worth anything substantial. These things are always going to be worth fractions of fractions of cents!

    I know this thing was made as kind of a joke, but you’ve gotten this far, so you’re obviously serious about it. Take the next step and make this coin a contender for bitcoin! Make people see the value in it! Let’s make dogecoin happen! It won’t until we cut the available # WAY down!

  3. Well 11.88% of dogecoins have been mined…. otherwise close to 12 billion… so a 1 billion cap is way too low.

  4. Well he predicted correctly. Doge is already recovered +105.99% today. Looking forward to the next article.

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