Now, we need stabilization

Last few days, the dogecoin’s value has made a “up and down” on the trading market of the crypto currency. Let us see how is Dogecoin now and what we could expect for the next step.

We lived our first “bubble” on the trading market. A “bubble” is how the dogecoin value “up and down” in a really short time. This is due to a strong market demand and his reaction. Trading is a history around offers and requests. If people buy a lot of dogecoins, the value is going down because the market is available for much people than before. When the difficulty of mining is harder, the market could sensibly grow up because Dogecoin is gonna be more and more attractive and more expensive than before.

If we take our time to analyze the market, Dogecoin is growing up again to 0,0006$/doge (yesterday the dogecoin was around 0,00025$/doge).

Now, we don’t need an other bubble but we need stabilization. The bubble was here for make the buzz and talk about dogecoin all around the globe. Now we need the value stabilized itself and the market takes his time to go to the moon. Perhaps you are saying to you : “Why he wrote that?”. I have a simple reply to give : We need to take our time to be stronger and attractive for the eyes of the market. If people see that dogecoin is a sure value and any more a joke, they will want see it like a attractive crypto currency and the market will send us to the moon!

2 thoughts on “Now, we need stabilization

  1. Got a new pool up, we need more miners to make block time solve faster. Come join us!

    • Please send it to me by the contact form. I’ll not add this pool byt this way Michael

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