Shibe Mint releasing new 24kt Coin

You may know the Shibe Mint there one of the only makers of a physical Dogecoin. In the past Shibe mint has released a Copper Coin for $10 and released a Pure silver coin for $35.

And later this month they will be releasing a new 24kt gold plated coin.

What about the stats :

  • 0.00000099BTC per doge on right now!
  • 987.02 is the current difficulty.
  • 178,767 mined blocks.  (WOW. Almost at 180,000!)
  • Network hashrate is around 62 and 63 Gh/sec
  • 69.62% is already mined by the community. WOW! only 30.38% left unmined!
  • Avg. Transactions per hour 734
  • Avg. Transaction value 436,667 DOGE ($184.56)


3 thoughts on “Shibe Mint releasing new 24kt Coin

  1. Jeremy Luglug says:

    How may I order your gold doge coin?

    • The order page is and it hasnt came out yet and will come out later this month but you can order a copper coin and silver coins right now

  2. Does ShibeMint offer custom coins with QR codes? So you can use them as wallets?

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