Why Dogecoin is stronger

First, I would like to wish to all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yes, we are only one time per year the 25th of december but we all waiting for, so I hope you will have a good day.

Second, today I would like to explain why Dogecoin is stronger. Some news have a little bit perturbed the dogecoin market, but just a little bit…


Dogecoin is attractive

Yes it is! Dogecoin is based on a internet phenomenon called “meme” and has a Shiba inu for his emblem. People like dogs and Shiba inu is a cute japanese dog. Such cute, such wow, such trendy! This crypto currency has a different point, it began with a joke and the dogecoin creators cultivate this idea that everybody could play with crypto currency, and not only the geeks and nerds.


Dogecoin is more stable

The first online wallet was created by dogewallet.com since few days. The website has been hacked and stolen of around 30 million doges. This is a really bad new but the market looks like stable and the dogecoin value is making a “up and down” between 0.0055 $ and 0.0070 $ a doge.


Dogecoin is now on bter.com

bter.com is the main crypto currency exchange’s website in China. This is a big new for dogecoin but the market is always stable, no fall, no crazy rise up. Dogecoin gives us an other sign of his good health on the virtual currency’s market.


Dogecoin mining is 1% a day

According to dogechain.info, the mining speed’s is 1% a day. When we know the maximum total of dogecoin blocks which can be produced, it is a terrible run and a proof that the dogecoin is now a thing, and a big! Every new miners want some doges and hope that this new virtual currency will gonna reach to the moon faster than it is possible.


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