Why dogecoin’s value is fallen last few hours

People talk about that since few hours the Dogecoin is going down the floor from 1k doges/1 btc to 1k doges/0,4 btc.

Some explanations :

a pool has been hacked. Last night a trying pool was attacked and loose 55 millions doges. Not a really good new. But I’m always optimistic and I see something more than the market : dogecoin is attractive! Of course, a robber never stoles to poor people. He prefers a nice villa in front of the sea or a Rolex to a Swatch. Keep this idea in a little coin of your head and don’t worry.
When we reach a peak there is always the other side, a fall. Dogecoin made the buzz and the value is going down….normal, the market is suspicious and needs to see more.
coinmarketcap.com introduced the dogecoin inside the his list of cryptocurrency. It is the same reaction of the second point : the market is a little bit suspicious and waits more about dogecoin.


Morality, don’t worry we’re going to the moon but the rocket is making sometimes some stops. It is the market’s speculation law.


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3 thoughts on “Why dogecoin’s value is fallen last few hours

  1. The hacked pool got their money back, so no, thats not the case. netcodepool lost one of it’s stratum servers and that caused over 1/3 of all miners on dogecoin to stop submitting. That is what caused panic and that is what caused the drop. The stratum is back up and people are mining again, so expect the coin to recover.

    • Thanks for all the details ;)

  2. run much fast

    rest now

    need sleep for moon

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